Register my dog as a Pedigree

Providing full pedigree certification

If you are looking how to Register my dog as a Pedigree, you have come to the right place. Our registration system is open to ALL dogs, suitable for all dogs their owners including crossbreed dogs. We aim to give dog breeders/owners a “hassle free” service providing high quality registration certificates. At EDP you can register your dog as a pedigree today and receive your professional registration documents.

Why Register my dog as a Pedigree

By registering you dog as a pedigree with EDP, you will gain access to extensive information sources that detail experience and advice on dog welfare, health, training and breeding. All dog owners will be given the opportunity to be involved in a variety of our dog world services, such as fun activities and schemes, health programmes and initiatives as well as training advice.

How to Register my dog as a Pedigree

At Evolutionary Dog Pedigree we do get asked frequently “how to Register my dog as a Pedigree”. All you have to do is simply fill out our application form online via our website or through a posted copy. Our EDP expert want to offer every dog to have a full pedigree and ownership papers, whether it be for rare, Merle and standard coloured dogs.

Whether your dogs are tan, pink, chocolate, blue, lilac or merle….EDP provide you the opportunity for your gorgeous canines to be registered because we like to embrace rare colours. After completing our Online Pedigree Application, we will send your full pedigree certification and dog registration documents detailing your dog’s family tree. Our top request at EDP is to “Register my dog as a Pedigree”, so to give you a unique and personalised service, we give you the option to choose which colour certificate you would like.

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Register my dog as a Pedigree

For any more information regarding our Register my dog as a Pedigree Process, please get in contact with us today and one of our team will be happy to help. After all, every dog deserves to have a family tree, no matter what breed or colour.