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Puppy and Litter Registration for pedigrees

EDP care about providing a simple solution for our clients when they register a pedigree puppy, which is why we have a quick and easy Online Dog Registration system.

As soon as you register a pedigree puppy with Evolutionary Dog Pedigree, you will receive one of our professional style dog pedigree certificates, detailing your dog and its family tree. As part of our value of embracing colour in dogs, we will also give you the option to choose which colour you would like your pedigree certificates to be. So if you have a lilac frenchie, pink pug or blue Chihuaha, why not give the new puppy owner a pedigree the same colour as their dog?

How to Apply

After filling out our online dog registration application or litter registration, we will send your certificates and documentation straight to your door, alongside an exclusive Evolutionary Dog Pedigree welcome pack. They will be printed on the highest quality paper and packaged in a hardbacked A4 enveloped for the utmost safe delivery. Your exclusive Dog Pedigree Certificates will include a family tree showing the generations of ancestry for your dog, helping to give a true identity to your canine. And why not take advantage of the opportunity to obtain a free kennel name from us for 1 year?

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register a pedigree puppy
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For any more information regarding our Dog Pedigree Certificates, please get in contact with us today and one of our team will be happy to help.