Online Litter Registration

Online Litter Registration for your Puppies

Looking to register a litter of puppies? Here at Evolutionary Dog Pedigree, we have a quick online litter registration application where you can register your puppies from home. No matter whether your puppy litter is tan, pink, chocolate, blue, lilac or merle, you are able to complete our specialist online litter registration.

Choose Our Online Litter Registration

Our exclusive online litter registration is a simple record of your puppy’s birth and offers a variety of benefits favouring responsible dog ownership. As the breeder, you must select names for each puppy in the litter to complete registration. We embrace rare coloured breeds and can provide you with the opportunity for your beautiful litter of puppies to be registered more efficiently.

Fill out our EDP form with all information on your litter provided to you on your application or certificate. You will have access to all your registration 24 hours a day through our site. Once you have completed our Online Litter registration application, we will send you individual registration documents for your puppies as well as a unique membership pack from Evolutionary Dog Pedigree. We also advise you to check the documents to ensure the details are correct.

Your Kennel Club Alternative

After filling out our online dog registration form we will send your Pedigree Certificate and registration papers straight to your door, alongside an exclusive Evolutionary Dog Pedigree welcome pack. We even give you the option to choose which colour certificate you would like. And why not take advantage of the opportunity to obtain a Free Kennel Name from us for 1 year?

Online Litter Registration
Online Dog Registration

For any more information regarding our litter registration process, please get in contact with us today and one of our team will be happy to help. After all, every dog deserves to have a family tree, no matter what breed or colour.