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Looking to register a kennel name? At EDP we have now made it easier than ever for owners wishing to register a kennel name, by supplying two Kennel Name Application options including Online and Postal. You can apply online via our Application Form on our website or you can send an application form in the post.

How to Register with our Kennel Name Application

To register your kennel name, you first need to register your Free EDP Membership for instant access. Our expert team can help guide and support you with the information you need to provide us.

On your Kennel Name Application, all you need to do is provide one word only, and at least 4 and not more than 12 characters. This word needs to be an exclusive word that is associate with you and your dogs. This will differentiate your dog from the rest with a Kennel Name from the Evolutionary Dog Pedigree

Please note, the Kennel Name can only be used for naming your dog if the ownership of the Kennel Name and the registered ownership of the dog are the same.

Click here to find out more information regarding Transfer of Dog Ownership.

Choose Our Kennel Name Application

We offer the chance to obtain a free kennel name for your dog for one year. Then after the first year, we charge a small fee of just £18 a year if you wish to keep the kennel name (cheaper than the Kennel Club!). Our brand new payment system also makes it much quicker and more convenient for our customers.

You can choose to fill out our online kennel name application form, so you will be entitled to one year’s free trial of your chosen kennel name. Afterwards, you will be sent a confirmation alongside an exclusive membership pack.

Apply for your free exclusive Kennel Name

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For any more information regarding our kennel name application process, please get in contact with us today and one of our team will be happy to help.