Full Pedigree Certification

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At EDP you can take pride in your dog’s heritage with our Full Pedigree Certification services. You have the opportunity to find out your dog’s history and collect a unique record, detailing your pedigree dog’s family tree.

We embrace colour, so if you have a lilac Frenchie, Pink Pug or Blue Chihuahua, we can offer you a Full Pedigree Certification. Why not also match your certificate colour to the same as your dog with our variety of colour choice options for pedigree certification form purchase. Our EDP expert team ensure that all of our certificates and pedigree forms are printed on high quality laid paper, to achieve an excellent finish

Whether you have a small pedigree or a large pedigree dog, EDP can still organise your Full Pedigree Certification, suiting any personal requirements. So if you’re struggling to find your pedigree breed certificate, let us know, as we are more than happy to update and add to our ever growing pedigree forms list.

What you’ll Receive

After filling out our online dog registration application, to make your life easier, we will send you a Full Pedigree Certification and documentation straight to your door. You will also receive a special Evolutionary Dog Pedigree Welcome Pack, with the opportunity to obtain a Free Kennel name from us for 1 year.

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Full Pedigree Certification

For any more information regarding our Dog Pedigree Certificates, please get in contact with us today and one of our team will be happy to help.