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If you are searching for a free kennel name for your dog, you have come to the right place. Evolutionary Dog Pedigree is a worldwide organisation who are dedicated to canine wellbeing and offer the chance to obtain a free kennel name for your dog for one year. After the first year, we charge a small fee of just £18 a year if you wish to keep the kennel name (cheaper than the Kennel Club!).

What is a Kennel Name?

A Kennel Name is an exclusive word that is linked with yourself and your dogs. Also recognised as a ‘breeder signature’, a free kennel name from the Evolutionary Dog Pedigree will differentiate your puppies from the rest.

The kennel name must be one word only, and at least 4 and not more than 12 characters. Please note, the Kennel Name can only be used for naming your dog if the ownership of the Kennel Name and the registered ownership of the dog are the same.

How to Claim your Free Kennel Name

Apply online for your unique Kennel Name

Complete a Form and return to EDP with your payment

To differentiate your dog from the rest with a Kennel Name from the Evolutionary Dog Pedigree, all you have to do is fill out our online kennel name application form.In order to improve your chances of getting your preferred choice of name, there is a Dog Name Check tool available which allows you to check your names before applying.

Benefits of owning a Kennel Name

You will be entitled to one year’s free trial of your chosen kennel name. Afterwards, you will be sent a confirmation alongside an exclusive membership pack.

Apply for your free exclusive kennel name

Free Kennel Name

For any more information regarding our kennel name application process, please get in contact with us today and one of our team will be happy to help.