What is the difference between a Registration Certificate and Pedigree Certificate?

When registering a litter of puppies, you will receive a Registration Certificate for each puppy that has been registered. A Pedigree Certificate on the other hand will include a family tree showing the generations of  ancestry for your dog. It is an additional item to your registration.

How long does a litter registration take?

As a guide, we would recommend you to allow xxx days for your litter registration documents to be processed. However, if there are any queries regarding your application then this may prolong the process.

How much does litter registration cost?

Evolutionary Dog Pedigree charge £15 for each puppy to be registered. This registration will remain on our breed database as a permanent record of the breed.

Is there a time limit to register a puppy?

We do not allocate a time limit however we kindly ask breeders to complete the application as soon as they can to ensure the full registration documents are completed in time for the puppies’ new owners when they are sold. We advise registering all your puppies at the same time at around 4 weeks of age to make sure everything is processed in time.

Are there any colour restrictions?

No. At Evolutionary Dog Pedigree we embrace colour in dogs and therefore provide pedigrees and registration documents to both rare and standard coloured dogs.

How old should a stud be before he can sire a litter?

Evolutionary Dog Pedigree does not hold any age restrictions on using a male dog for sire, although we recommend that all relevant health tests have been completed before breeding.

What is a Pedigree?

A certified pedigree provides full certification for your dog that outlines its background ancestry in the form of a family tree.

What are the benefits of changing the ownership of my dog?

By amending the registered ownership for your dog, it means you are showing a true and long term commitment to your dog’s health and wellbeing, whilst securing the pedigree line of your dog with Evolutionary Dog Pedigree. By changing ownership you will receive:

  • An official personalised Evolutionary Dog Pedigree Owner Registration Certificate
  • Opportunity to show and breed from your dog and maintain the pedigree line
  • An official evolutionary Dog Pedigree membership card, providing support, advice and special offers.
How much does it cost to change the ownership of my dog?

We charge a one off cost of £20 for a change of ownership, including a standard coloured certificate with 3 generation ancestry. An extra £4 can be paid for a coloured pedigree certificate (e.g. Pink, blue, mocha, Purple).

Do I need the dogs Registration Information Document from the breeder to change the ownership name?

It is important to be given the dogs Registration Information Document when you collect your puppy. If the documentation is not yet available, you should instead make sure that you are given a statement (in writing) guaranteeing that the registration information document will be sent to you when they receive it.

Once the breeder has provided your Registration Information Document you can apply to change the registered ownership of your dog.