Change of dog ownership form

Amending the registered ownership for your dog

Our pet pooches sometimes find themselves with new families, so when you bring home a registered puppy from a breeder, it is most likely that they would have recorded the dog’s details and registered them to the breeder. By amending the registered ownership for your dog, it means you are showing a true and long term commitment to your dog’s health and wellbeing, whilst securing the pedigree line of your dog with Evolutionary Dog Pedigree. We have a Change of dog ownership form available for you to fill out online in no time, it could not be more simple.

We would advise that it is essential to fill out one of our change of dog ownership forms as soon as you can in order for the correct information to be recorded on Evolutionary Dog Pedigree’s database and for your dog ownership to be secure.

What will I receive when I change ownership?

When completing our Change of dog ownership form, you will receive a frameable, fully professional registration certificate, and your dog’s name recorded in the Evolutionary Dog Pedigree registry. We also provide full documentation detailing your dog’s family tree and history for three generations, and the option to obtain n a pedigree certificate. As we embrace colour in dogs, we even provide different colour certificates which you can choose to best suit your dog- something the Kennel Club does not provide.

Change of Dog Ownership Form Cost

When we get down to the very question ‘how much does it cost to Change of dog ownership form?’, the Evolutionary Dog Pedigree charges only £20, or £24 if you would also like a coloured pedigree. All you have to do is fill in the Change of dog ownership form on our website and we will send your certificates straight to your door. When you sign up with us, you will also receive an exclusive membership pack and card for the Evolutionary Dog Pedigree, bringing you into our community.

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Change of dog ownership form
Change of dog ownership form

If you have any questions regarding the change of ownership for your dog then please contact us on 01621 774917