Evolutionary Dog Pedigree Has Arrived

Evolutionary Dog Pedigree Has Arrived

We are very pleased to bring to you the launch of Evolutionary Dog Pedigree, providing pedigrees and ownership papers to all types of dogs.

Our goal at Evolutionary Dog Pedigree is to allow every dog to have the opportunity to be registered and have a full pedigree, whether it be for Rare, Merle and standard coloured dogs.

After specialising in the breeding of rare coloured puppies for 15 years, we have come to realise that owners of these beautiful dogs are yet unable to get a full pedigree for their puppy, with the certificates currently stating ‘colour not recognised’. That’s where the Evolutionary Dog Pedigree can now help, providing full certification as would be expected from the Kennel Club but with the allowance of rare colours.

Some of ur services include:

  • Pedigree Registration
  • Kennel Club Name Registration
  • Litter Registration
  • Change of Ownership

If you have any questions regarding our services, please get n touch with us today.

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