Pedigrees for all dogs

Our main aim at Evolutionary Dog Pedigree is to embrace colour in dogs, providing full pedigrees to owners with both rare and standard coloured puppies.

We Care About Your Dogs

Our pedigree registration system is open to both rare and standard coloured dogs. You will receive a professional style pedigree certificate detailing your dogs’ family tree.

15 Years of Experience

Our background started as passionate licensed dog breeders who specialise in rare coloured pugs, bull dogs and French bull dogs. This has allowed us to become experts in the industry.

All Colours and Dogs Welcome

Whether your dogs are tan, pink, chocolate, blue, lilac or merle… EDP provide the opportunity for your beautiful canines to be registered. We will provide full pedigree certification and registration documents.

Your Kennel Club Alternative

The Kennel Club are yet to give full pedigrees to rare coloured breeds, simply naming them ‘colour not recognised’. That’s where we can help, working to reduce the stigma attached to the more unusual coloured dogs.

Who We Are & What We Do

who we are

Devoting endless time to a litter of puppies , watching them take their first steps and joining their new family are all aspects that we have found highly rewarding in the past 15 years as licensed dog breeders. But knowing that many rare coloured breeds (although fully healthy, happy and top quality) cannot get full kennel club pedigrees is something that we have found to be rather heartbreaking.

Thats why our goal at Evolutionary Dog Pedigree is to allow every dog to have a full pedigree and ownership papers, whether it be for rare, Merle and standard coloured dogs. We will provide you with professional pedigree certification detailing your dog’s family tree, alongside full registration papers as would be expected from any pedigree provider.